Pairing: Tah(n)orra

Rating: T

A.N.: i just really want to thank all my readers and reviewers - you guys rock! also, long chapter is long. more plot line information and a couple of new roles! enjoy :D

also, Iroh is like, head general demon guy right underneath the spirit leaders, so he helps keep things in line :]



"Pema, I need to talk with you."

Pema glanced up from the scrolls she was reviewing with some of her helpers. “Can it wait?” she asked. As much as she wanted to help out this instant, final revisions were needed for the scrolls for the solstice. Korra shook her head and Pema frowned. Must be very urgent. She glanced back at the other women and smiled. “Just put it away in my office and I’ll look at it later tonight.” The women nodded and hurried off. Pema patted the seat next to her and Korra sat down, looking anxious.

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